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All of our stylists are "Stylekrafters Certified" so no matter your budget, we always provide the perfect stylist to meet your needs from our Assistant Stylist all the way up to our Director Stylist level. Whether you are looking for a trim or a completely new look, the Stylekrafter's team of stylists are trained in all the latest hair trends. Our Stylists regularly attend industry classes and the best hair shows in order to provide you with the latest hair services and designs trending in the world today.


We deliver the quality and value you expect from a professional salon.

Hair Cutting and Blow Outs

We provide professional Hair Cutting and Blow Out services to meet all your hair cutting and styling needs.  

All haircuts Include Shampoo, Hot Stone Massage and a flawless Blow-Out

starts at our "Stylekrafters Certified" Assistant Stylist pricing thru our Master Stylist and Director prices.

Women's Haircuts

Assistant Stylist $45 Junior Stylist $50 Senior Stylist $55 Master Stylist $60 Director Stylist $65 Artistic Director $70

Children's Haircuts

Little Ladies (ages 0-10)

Assistant Stylist $22 Junior Stylist $27 Senior Stylist $32 Master Stylist $37 Director Stylist $42 Artistic Director $47


Young Ladies (ages 11-16)

Assistant Stylist $32 Junior Stylist $37 Senior Stylist $42 Master Stylist $47 Director Stylist $52 Artistic Director $57


Boys (ages 0-10)

Assistant Stylist $13 Junior Stylist $19 Senior Stylist $24 Master Stylist $29 Director Stylist $34 Artistic Director $39


Young Men (ages 11-16)

Assistant Stylist $20 Junior Stylist $25 Senior Stylist $30 Master Stylist $35 Director Stylist $40 Artistic Director $45




Blow Outs

Do you struggle with creating your salon style at home?

Do you have a special event or just feel like pampering yourself? 

A professional Blow Out by Stylekrafters will last for days, and keep you feeling fabulous!


The Skippack - Our signature blow out. Perfectly executed with only a blow dryer and a round brush $36

Route 73 - Loose, tousled waves, great for a day event or a fun evening out on the town! $51


Iron Add on -$15


Blow Dry Boot Camp

Stylekrafters wants you to leave the salon and be able to recreate the same fabulous look we gave you at home.  You can bring in all of your tools; blow dryer, irons, brushes, and all hair products you are currently using on your hair, and we will show you how to get that same "out of the salon" look in the least amount of time and with less effort than you currently do. Give it a try!
Additional $50 with any haircut or color service.
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Service Policy

We require a non-refundable 50% deposit on all services over $200.00

Not all services have tiered pricing available. See the service pages for pricing details.

We reserve the right to add additional costs at your stylist's discretion, if your service requires more time and product over the standard service. We can not quote pricing over the phone, only in a physical consultation with a stylist.

Service Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with any service you receive, please contact us within 24 hrs and let us know so we can work with you to achieve your desired style.


CANCELLATION POLICY: Your appointment means the world to us and we love seeing you. However, we know life gets in the way sometimes, even for the stylist, and we do our best to keep you informed of appointments with reminders we send out 2 days in advance. Please give us 72 hrs notice of a cancellation so we can open the space up for another customer. If you should cancel within 24 hrs of your appointment, you will be charged 50% of the service scheduled. Frequent flyers of late cancellations or no shows may result in a deposit being required to schedule future appointments