Sarah B

Senior Stylist







Sarah joined Stylekrafters in March of 2014. She found her love for Cosmetology in the 7th grade during her school’s career day and later discovered her school offered Cosmetology classes at the trade school. She was hooked immediately after attending a few classes and knew this was the career for her! Not only is it a fun job, but it’s a perfect job for a people person like Sarah. 


After joining Stylekrafters, she found it very easy to bond with all the stylists, and quickly learned how they really strive to all work together to provide a unified service to their clients, which she admired about the culture in the salon.


Sarah states: “I love the personal experiences I have everyday with my clients. The bonds I form with them makes me love my job even more!”


Sarah loves everything about her job, especially providing that finished look with the perfect blow-out. It’s a “must have” in Sarah’s world and she excels in providing that service!


In her off time, Sarah spends her time with her family and close friends, especially her fiancé Gabe and their brand new daughter Giavanna and their Great Dane, Tank, who is sharing the baby title with his new human sister. He can't wait for her to throw him a ball!

My Regular Hours


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