Alyssa W

Junior Stylist

Alyssa joined Stylekrafters in 2017. As a little girl, she longed for the day she would join her mom for a trip to the salon to get their hair done and be completely pampered. The seed was planted. In years to come Alyssa would come to realize that she loved giving back, and giving people the chance to relax and feel beautiful in their skin was the perfect recipe for Alyssa.  


Alyssa states: “I love the warm and friendly atmosphere at Stylekrafters. I immediately feel at home when I walk through the door”.


Alyssa is most proud of her work at Stylekrafters when at the end of the day, if she made one person smile, she feels accomplished. In her mind, everyone deserves to feel beautiful and enjoy their salon experience so when she can provide both of those experiences to her clients, she feels complete!


Alyssa is our newest stylist on the floor at Stylekrafters, so if you are looking for a new stylist, give Alyssa a try, especially if you are needing a new bob. You will not be disappointed! 


In her home away from the salon, she has 2 dogs and 3 cats which keep her very busy and she loves to spoil them!

My Regular Hours

9 AM - 3 PM

3 PM - 9 PM
9 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 3 PM
10 AM - 4 PM