Alicia M

Master Stylist







Alicia M. joined Stylekrafters in 2015. She decided to make cosmetology her career in 2012 after hating nursing school. All through high school she was doing her friends hair and makeup for the prom, and then she was skipping nursing school to cut and color her classmates hair, she realized she was definitely going down the wrong career path. Thankfully Stylekrafters and Alicia’s paths crossed.


Alicia attributes her love of working at Stylekrafters to the amazing family/team of stylists working there. She genuinely enjoys their company inside and outside of the salon, and it shows in the workplace and is felt by our customers. As she grew in the industry she favored working on blondes. The tones of blonde our clients want, the depth in the color, the integrity of the hair itself to be a certain level or shade of blonde. There is so much that goes into blondes, they should be their own species, and Alicia is an expert in finding that perfect shade of blonde.


Alicia states: “When you have an entire team of educated stylists in a color room helping each other formulate colors, and fix stubborn hair issues, it makes it nearly impossible to have a bad day at work. Some of our clients realize it, and some may not.. but when you come to Stylekrafters, your hair is every stylists top priority, not just the stylist working on you.


Stylekrafters realizes Alicia is no joke. She loves the salon and the people so much, it takes her 1+ hour to get to the salon! Not only does Alicia drive the furthest to work, but Alicia has a client who moved cross country and wasn’t able to find another salon or stylist like Stylekrafters out west, and has made the enormous and unheard of committment to fly home every few months in order to get her hair done by Alicia in the atmosphere of Stylekrafters!


Alicia states: “Good hair knows no distance.. to be blessed with loyal clients like her is why i do what i do.”


When not in the Salon, Alicia loves nothing more than spending time with her husband and their two golden retrievers. She loves to travel to other countries, and taking their dogs on a hike or swimming. She also loves to cook and can happily announce that she’s mastered the recipe for big mac sauce! (Just ask her next time you see her) and loves to discuss dinner ideas when you are in her chair! 



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